British Campaign Furniture

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Bareilly Chair with Leather

The hand caned version of this folding chair was featured in the October '05 issue of House Beautiful magazine in their Style Beat article called "Colonial Mood." Here is what House Beautiful had to say about our Bareilly chair- "Hand-caning and rosewood give this portable folding armchair enough presence to go from the porch to the dining room with ease and grace."

Where else but Lewis Drake and Associates can you find such a stunning armchair that folds?! Our new refined and stylish Bareilly chair is spectacularly hand crafted from dark rich rosewood. Chair comes completely hand caned or choose from a sturdy buffalo hide seat and back that is lined with flawless caning for added support (shown in photo of teak but offered in rosewood only.) The chairs posterior has an impeccable layer of caning, as well, so when you look at it from behind you will never see an unfinished edge. Small wooden pegs at the arm joints ensure a perfectly fitting closure for this sleekly contoured chair.

Its a cinch to fold by unlatching the pair of metal hooks underneath and becomes surprisingly flat, only 7 inches wide; so you can store it anywhere, as if youd ever want to put it away!

Aesthetically and structurally triumphant from every angle, a distinctive chair that epitomizes the Campaign era. Comfortable and elegant, a true unique beauty created exclusively by our most experienced and accomplished furniture designers.

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Price: $785.00