British Campaign Furniture

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Campaign Secretaire

Imagine the stateliness of writing the evening dispatches of a bygone era on our rich warm rosewood British Campaign Secretaire. It has 6 gracefully bevelled & scalloped teak dividers that are removable to facilitate a personalized fit for books, dossiers, or stationery. Writing slate can be pulled out from above the 2" deep drawer. Marvelously handcrafted with impeccable mortise and tenon joints and sculpted molding on both sides of the doors and top so it is just as stunning closed as it is opened. Angles of the top and doors enable it to remain shut when transporting and a lock with a hand filed key keeps all your personal effects safe. Sunken brass handles render it easy to lift and carry. An unforgettable gift for a poet, novelist, playwright, or an amazing accent to your office or library. A fabulous versatile design that creatively combines elegance and utility, a concept so intensely sought after during the campaign era. A Lewis drake and Associates treasure, displayed here with vintage letters, feather pen, and our Pear Shaped Crystal Ink Well.

Price: $725.00