British Campaign Furniture

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Hat Rack/Hallstand

This distinguished hallstand is hand crafted and turned from solid rosewood and was designed to compliment our line of British Campaign furniture. Like the campaign furniture it disassembles for easy transport, the base and center disk removable and the post itself joined in the middle. This feature makes our elegant hallstand a simple yet stunning way to display items in a retail store, trade show booth, or your home. Four ball feet support the circular base, beveled to keep in place walking sticks or umbrellas, the center piece holes secure their handles. Scarves and coats will drape from six turned sturdy solid rosewood pegs. Hang your hat on one of the three 18K gold plated hooks affixed under the beautifully turned finial adorning the top. Handsome and stylish it stands 6'5" tall with a base diameter of 21.5". The rich golden red wood grain of roseweood gleams in this Lewis Drake and Associates original and will emanate a sense of quality and excellence in your foyer for all your guests to admire.

Price: $1350.00