British Campaign Furniture

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Dhobhi Brass Coal Iron

Our iron is completely handmade and is a replica design from the 19th century that is still in popular use to this day in India by the local "Dhobhi" (Washerman) who prefer these to the modern electric models for several reasons. They iron particularly well due to the heavy weight and extremely polished surface that they acquire over time. They are also portable and do not rely on electricity which is erratic in most parts of the countryside. The Dhobhi carry these beautiful irons on hand pushed carts as they go from door to door ironing garments for customers. The handle is solid hand turned rosewood and a hand filed hook latches the top closed. Display it on a mantle or use it as a bookend and you'll surely get compliments on this very interesting and functional piece with a hundred+ year old history.

Price: $140.00