British Campaign Furniture

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Ink Well of Crystal with Sterling Silver Lid

Each one of our spectacular 3 1/2 inch square ink wells is heavy handblown crystal revealing the occasional tiny trapped air bubble and subtle swirls indicative of the handblown technique. The sides and bottom are exquisitely hand cut to reflect light from all angles. The well holds 1.5 ounces of ink and is approximately 1.5-1.75 inches deep to accomodate vintage fountain pens. Choose from an ornate sterling silver dome top or sterling silver lid with carved flowers embellished by multi-colored enamel. Your handsome hand blown creation will sparkle like a jewel in our distinguished four footed sterling silver stand, an excellent display and fine compliment to your desktop, sold separately. A classic gift for a writer or calligrapher he or she will cherish for years to come. These inimitable ink wells are only available from Lewis Drake & Associates.

Please understand that these dimensions may vary slightly due to each item being individually handcrafted.

Price: $425.00
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