British Campaign Furniture

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Scout Set

Just like the original Boy Scout sets from a generation ago, we have combined our trusty hand forged buffalo horn handle Damascus Axe Hatchet with our Hunting Utility Knife to create our ever dependable and useful Scout Set. A camper or hunters necessity that will come in handy countless times from chopping wood to preparing dinner. Virtually indestructible and totally reliable, this is one of our best sellers.

Just a reminder ALL of our Damascus steel knives are hand forged to final shape, then the cutting edge only is ground sharp on an emery wheel. Most of the inexpensive "Damascus" knives on the market today are ground down to shape from a machine-forged billet and are of vastly inferior quality and performance. As with many of the items on our website, all of our knives are completely handmade, and can never be mass produced.

Price: $1150.00