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Keeslar Knife

Every camper or outdoorsperson needs this hand forged Damascus knife. Strap on the sturdy buffalo hide harness with adjustable brass Chicago screws and attach it to your belt for the most comfortable and easily accessible knife you'll ever own. Knife hangs unnoticeably against your side and heavy-duty snap holds it safely in place. A one handed brisk tug on the polished genuine buffalo horn handle and it instantly releases for use. An excellently crafted reliable tool designed to be utilized in the wilderness.

Just a reminder ALL of our Damascus steel knives are hand forged to final shape, then the cutting edge only is ground sharp on an emery wheel. Most of the inexpensive "Damascus" knives on the market today are ground down to shape from a machine-forged billet and are of vastly inferior quality and performance. As with many of the items on our website, all of our knives are completely handmade, and can never be mass produced.

Price: $850.00