British Campaign Furniture

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Campaign Card Table

This classic campaign table top in total is a 30 1/2 square of 3/4 thick richly figured rosewood boards, no veneers, that is framed for a finished look by a 1 3/4 rosewood mitered border which makes this table stand out beautifully. Sturdy and substantial, but not too heavy to transport, it stands 29 tall.

It folds on its heavy duty, unique, hand wrought brass hinges by unlatching a large rosewood hook underneath and knocks down by unscrewing the legs which are hand turned and edged in solid brass at their tops for durability. There are also 2 rosewood slats positioned perpendicular to the fold underneath for added stability.

It is very simply assembled and quickly broken down. It is an elegant and superbly hand crafted piece characteristic of the campaign style in a quality that is offered no where else. Smart and refined, a true campaign classic in every sense of the word.

Pair it up with a Roorkhee or Ross chair for a magnificent glimpse into the past and receive a 20% discount for the set. Simply call us on the phone to take advantage of this great deal.

It will also have an optional lightweight carrying case that is currently under construction and will be posted on the website when completed.

Price: $995.00