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Barbados Croquet Chair

Our Barbados Croquet Chair emanates a charm of a bygone era when afternoons were spent on sprawling emerald lawns of gracious garden parties where ladies and gentlemen alike shared in the excitement of an intriguing new game introduced to England in 1851. This unusual chair design may date back to the early 1860's when croquet was quite vogue throughout the British Empire.

Just as it would have been in the past, today rosewood solids are carefully selected for superb grain figuring and individually tooled to a gentle curve for the slats of the seat. The interesting contour of the arms was indubitably shaped to comfortably conform to the bend of your wrists. It is an extremely curious design, whereas, unlike most typical folding chairs where the hinge it at the back of the seat, our seat forms a latch and actually unhooks from the back of the frame to collapse the chair. It simply snaps closed into the folded position for easy transport.

Incredibly lightweight and originally created for outdoor use our expertly hand crafted Barbados Croquet Chair will brighten your patio and add a splash of panache to your poolside or yacht. The distinctive vintage allure of this handsome chair will warm up any room in your home. Team up a pair of these with the Barbados Folding Table for an extraordinary set. We believe we exclusively make this remarkable model of chair and hope you will be as thrilled to own it as we were to find it.

A fantastic price for a hand crafted unique piece! None of your friends will have a design like this!

Price: $395.00