British Campaign Furniture

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Dining Table

Sturdy and substantial with an emphasis on classic beauty, our new rosewood campaign dining table features folding tapered square legs, simple curves, and a triple waterfall border with meticulous attention paid to every detail by our expert craftsmen. It offers ample space for four to dine comfortably with a 38" square top. Just as the British military officers would have done so in the 1800s line up two or more tables should you require additional seating.

We have taken great care to ensure this piece pays proper tribute to the characteristic style of the campaign era. Notice from the gallery of photos that the legs on one side are further apart than the opposite side, a special design aspect unique to that time period, enabling it to fold compactly for the most efficient use of storage space and simplicity of transport. We added hand forged, notched, threaded steel posts with beveled brass washers and nuts to keep the legs secure when table is unfolded for use. The four are easily removed without tools for swift knock down. Please click on the gallery pf photos to see the individually crafted hardware.

As portable as it is striking. Can be quickly folded and carried by two people so why not enjoy a romantic impromptu dinner down at the dock, by the pool, or out on the patio? Flank the table with our Havana or Bareilly chairs and you would have the most graceful camp or picnic setting imaginable. Bon Appetit!

38" square top, 31" high, and weighs about 70 pounds.

Shipping for this item totals $125.

Price: $1450.00