British Campaign Furniture

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Officer's Lounge Chair

Our new Officer's Lounge Chair is hand made from 100% solid rosewood, even the knobs for the reclining adjustment bar. The design is masterfully created to be as lightweight as possible without compromising stability or beauty with holes in the arms for handy carrying. All brass hardware is hand crafted one at a time for each individual chair to ensure a perfect fit and polished to a mirror shine for accentuation. Reclines into 5 different positions from below, as well as an option of 2 seat adjustments from moving the seat hooks.

The padded seat is made from a thick buffalo hide that will last many lifetimes, and the frame is padded, also, where the seat overlaps. It simply attaches underneath and two heavy duty solid brass hooks can be fitted in an upper or lower set of positioning holes. The arms are also padded and covered for added comfort.

Folds quickly and compactly for efficient storage and easy transport like the other pieces of our campaign collection. A sturdy handsome chair with a classic elegant style.

Currently available in dark chocolate brown.

Price: $1850.00