British Campaign Furniture

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Barbados Folding Table

Our Barbados Folding Table is elegant and sleekly contoured. Only the most beautifully figured solid rosewood boards were chosen for the 20.5 x 30 table top, the edges delicately angled for a frame-finished look. The square tapered legs are locked into position with hand made solid brass hooks. Notice from the gallery of photos that the legs on one side are further apart, a special design feature unique to the campaign era, enabling it to fold compactly for the most efficient use of storage space and simplicity of transport. Stands at 26 high and folds to less than 4 inches thick, this campaign classic serves as a charming writing table, a stylish game table for two, or handsome display for your prettiest picture frames and interesting curios.

Perfectly accompanies our Barbados Croquet Chairs. Beautiful setting for a couple to dine intimately or enjoy a friendly game.

Price: $740.00